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Web Application & Website Development


Techware is aware of the increasing necessity of any organization’s presence on the web in the business world today. We therefore offer our clients with business solutions according to their specifications and customise them to attract target audience.
Data Warehouse
We develop data warehouse projects through integration of different systems in an organisation to provide the organisation with a tool that can help the organisation make informed decisions based on the actual data that the organisation has.
IT Support Maintenance
We offer ICT audits to evaluate organizations’ ICT status and provide the necessary recommendation to improve efficiency.Moreover, we offer regular support and maintenance to our clients. Our Support and Maintenance contracts are highly customized to meet your needs.
Thin client technology


We supply and install Ncomputing and WYSE terminals. This technology helps to reduce power and computing costs.
These technology also reduces maintenance cost..  
After-sales Support
We offer after-sales support for all purchases from the company. This ranges from delivery, installation and configuration to carry-in support for in-house software.
IT Product Sales
We sell and support information and communications technologies (ICTs) products. This includes; PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Servers, Server racks,cabling, Switches, Printers software and other peripherals, etc.